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1908. The Darwin-Wallace celebration held on Thursday, 1st July, 1908 by the Linnean society of London. Text A281

1909. Darwin Centenary Number. Christ's College Magazine. XXIII, Easter Term. Text Image A36 Darwin's room at Christ's 1909

1909. Order of the proceedings at the Darwin celebrations held at Cambridge June 22-June 24, 1909. With a sketch of Darwin's life. Text Image F1481

1909. List of delegates and other guests invited by the University [to Darwin Commemoration] Centenary of the birth of Charles Darwin and the publication of Origin of Species To be celebrated at Cambridge, June 22, 23, 24, 1909. McGill-CA-OSLER0-P110[.155] PDF

1909. The Bookman. Darwin centenary number. (February) McGill-CA-OSLER0-P110[.157] PDF

1909. Fifty years of Darwinism: modern aspects of evolution, centennial addresses in honor of Charles Darwin before the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Baltimore, Friday, January 1, 1909. PDF A1087

1960. Handlist of Darwin papers at the University Library Cambridge. Text A94

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Anon. 1894. Proposed memorial to the late Charles Darwin. Public meeting in Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury Chronicle (2 February). [offprint] Image A537

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Allen, G. 1885. Charles Darwin. Image A254

Armstrong, P. 1985. Charles Darwin in Western Australia: A young scientist's perception of an environment. Text A587

Armstrong, P. 1991. Under the blue vault of heaven: A study of Charles Darwin's sojourn in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Text A588

Armstrong, P. 1992. Charles Darwin's last island: Terceira, Azores, 1836. Text A591

Armstrong, P. 1992. Darwin's desolate islands: A naturalist in the Falklands, 1833 and 1834, 1992. Text A589

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Atkins, H. 1976. Down: the home of the Darwins; the story of a house and the people who lived there. London: Royal College of Surgeons [Phillimore]. Text A668

Bacon, G. W. [1882]. The life of Charles Darwin, with British opinion on evolution. Compiled by G. W. Bacon, F.R.G.S. London: G. W. Bacon & Co. Text Image PDF A2951

Banks, M. R. 1971. A Darwin manuscript on Hobart Town. Papers and proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania 105: 5-19. Text Image PDF F1829

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Barlow, N. 1932. Robert FitzRoy and Charles Darwin. Cornhill Magazine (April): 493-510. Text Image A536

Barlow, N. ed. 1933. Charles Darwin's diary of the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle. Text Image PDF F1566 [Editorial matter only].

Barlow, N. 1935. Charles Darwin and the Galapagos Islands. Nature 136 (7 September): 391. Text F2112

Barlow, N. ed. 1945. Charles Darwin and the voyage of the Beagle. Text Image PDF F1571 Click to see illustrations

Barlow, N. ed. 1958. The autobiography of Charles Darwin 1809-1882. With the original omissions restored. Edited and with appendix and notes by his grand-daughter Nora Barlow. Text Image PDF F1497 Click to see illustrations

Ornithological notesBarlow, N. ed. 1963. Darwin's ornithological notes. Bulletin BMNH (Hist.) 2, No. 7, pp. 201-278. With introduction, notes & appendix by the editor. Text Image PDF F1577

Barlow, N. ed. 1967. Darwin and Henslow. The growth of an idea. Text Image PDF F1598 Click to see illustrations

Barrett, P. H. ed. 1960. A transcription of Darwin's first notebook [B] on 'Transmutation of species'. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard 122: [245]-296, for 1959-1960 (April). Text Image F1575 [Since superceded by F1817]

Barrett, Paul H. 1974. The Sedgwick-Darwin geologic tour of North Wales. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 118, No. 2. (19 April): 146-164. Text Image PDF F1964

Barrett, P. H. 1974. Early writings of Charles Darwin. In Gruber, H. E., Darwin on man.London: Wildwood.
[Notebooks M, N, Old and useless notes, Essay on theology and natural selection, Questions for Mr. Wynne, Extracts from B-C-D-E transmutation notebooks, A Biographical Sketch of Charles Darwin's Father, Plinian Society Minutes Book]
Text F1582 [Since superceded by F1817]

Barrett, P. H. ed. 1977. On the Ova of Flustra, or, Early Notebook, Containing Observations Made by C.D. When He Was at Edinburgh, March 1827. In Collected papers of Charles Darwin. 2 vols. Chicago: University Press, 2: 285-91. Text F1583a

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Burke, H. F. 1888. Pedigree of the family of Darwin. Image PDF A163

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Chancellor, J. 2007. FitzRoy's Beagle. [Previously unpublished manuscript c. 1980]. Introduction Text

Cunningham, J. T. 1886. Charles Darwin, naturalist. The Round Table series. Text Image A76

Darwin, F. ed. 1887. The life and letters of Charles Darwin, including an autobiographical chapter. Click to see illustrations
Vol. 1 Text Image PDF F1452.1
Vol. 2 Text Image PDF F1452.2
Vol. 3 Text Image PDF F1452.3

Darwin, F. 1899. The botanical work of Darwin. Annals of Botany 13: ix-xix. Text A261

Darwin, F. & Seward, A. C. eds. 1903. More letters of Charles Darwin. Click to see illustrations
Vol. 1. Text Image PDF F1548.1
Vol. 2. Text Image PDF F1548.2

Darwin, F. ed. 1909. The foundations of The origin of species. Two essays written in 1842 and 1844. Text Image PDF F1556 Click to see illustrations

Darwin, G. & F. Darwin eds. 1909. Darwin celebration, Cambridge, June, 1909. Speeches delivered at the banquet held on June 23rd. Text A279

de Beer, G. ed. 1959. Darwin's journal. Bulletin BMNH (Hist.) 2, No. 1: 1-21. Image PDF F1573 [Since superceded by: [Darwin's personal 'Journal' (1809-1881)]. Introduction Text CUL-DAR158.1-76]

de Beer, G. ed. 1960. Darwin's notebooks on transmutation of species. Part I. First notebook [B] (July 1837-February 1838). Bulletin BMNH (Hist.) 2, No. 2 (January): 23-73. Text Image PDF F1574a [Since superceded by F1817]

de Beer, G. ed. 1960. Darwin's notebooks on transmutation of species. Part II. Second notebook [C] (February to July 1838). Bulletin BMNH (Hist.) 2, No. 3 (May): 75-118. Text Image PDF F1574b [Since superceded by F1817]

de Beer, G. ed. 1960. Darwin's notebooks on transmutation of species. Part III. Third notebook [D] (July 15 to October 2nd 1838). Bulletin BMNH (Hist.) 2, No. 4 (July):119-150. Text Image PDF F1574c [Since superceded by F1817]

de Beer, G. ed. 1960. Darwin's notebooks on transmutation of species. Part IV, Fourth notebook [E] (October 1838-10 July 1839). Bulletin BMNH (Hist.) 2, No. 5 (September): 151-183. Text Image PDF F1574d [Since superceded by F1817]

de Beer, G., Rowlands, M. J. eds. 1961. Darwin's notebooks on transmutation of species. Addenda and corrigenda. Bulletin BMNH (Hist.) 2, No. 6 (October): 185-200. Text Image PDF F1574e [Since superceded by F1817]

de Beer, G., Rowlands, M. J. and Skramovsky, B. M. eds. 1967. Darwin's notebooks on transmutation of species. Part VI. Pages excised by Darwin. Bulletin BMNH (Hist.) 3, No. 5 (21 March): 129-176. Text Image PDF F1574f [Since superceded by F1817]

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CompanionFreeman, R. B. 1977. The Works of Charles Darwin: An Annotated Bibliographical Handlist. 2d ed. Text Image A1 [Superceded by the Freeman bibliographical database here.]

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