Director: Dr John van Wyhe (Dept. of Biological Sciences & Tembusu College, National University of Singapore)

Research Fellow: Dr Kees Rookmaaker (Chief Editor The Rhino Resource Centre)

Technical Director: Dr Antranig Basman (Lucendo Development Ltd.)

Associate editors (honorary)

Prof. J. David Archibald

Ms Sue Asscher

Mr Angus Carroll

Dr Gordon Chancellor

Ms Christine Chua

Professor James Secord (Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge) [Formerly AHRC Principal Investigator for 2005-8 AHRC grant]

Professor Janet Browne (Dept. of the History of Science, Harvard University) [Formerly AHRC Co-Investigator for 2005-8 AHRC grant]

Contributors of introductions

Dr Barbara Bordalejo
Dr Robert Brown
Prof. Janet Browne
Mr Angus Carroll
Dr Gordon Chancellor
Mr Greg Estes
Mrs Thalia Grant
Mr Randal Keynes OBE
Prof. Richard Darwin Keynes
Mr Peter Lucas
Prof. William A. Newman
Prof. Daniel Pauly
Dr Marsha Richmond
Dr J. David Archibald
Dr John van Wyhe

Contributing and collaborating bodies and institutions

Cambridge University Library

CARET, University of Cambridge

Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, (CRASSH) University of Cambridge (2005-9)
Arts and Humanities Research Council (2005-8)

National University of Singapore

Department of Biological Sciences, NUS

University of Cambridge

English Heritage

Library of the Natural History Museum (London)

Christ's College, Cambridge

British Society for the History of Science, Wheeler Fund

Department of Zoology Library Cambridge

Sedgwick Museum of Earth Science

The Charles Darwin Trust

AEL Data

The Correspondence of Charles Darwin

Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing, University of Birmingham

Earth Sciences Library, Cambridge

Cambridge University Press

American Philosophical Society

Darwin at Downe

The Newton Project

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck: works and heritage

Anatomy Visual Media Group, Department of Anatomy, Cambridge.

Darwin Online Danish teamThe Danish Darwin Archive,
Interdisciplinary Evolutionary Studies, Aarhus University

Director: Prof. Peter C. Kjærgaard (History of Ideas Department, University of Aarhus, Denmark)
Stine Grumsen
Jakob Bek-Thomsen
Marie Larsen
Nanna Kaalund
Lars Brøndum
Gry Vissing Jensen
Laura S. Thomasen
Hans Henrik Hjermitslev
Mathias Clasen


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